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About Us

Our founder, Leonard F. Kersellius, served over twenty one years in the United State Army Airborne Division. He retired in 1996 and began working for himself by starting a cleaning business in North Carolina. Four years later he took another opportunity selling new cars at a car dealership and became one of their top selling agents until 2010 when he retired due to injuries sustained while in the military.


Leonard spent two years and six months following up with the Veterans Affairs process regarding his disability, this event sparked fire in his soul and in 2012 with his own money, Leonard decided to start Job Grace Vet’s, a company that will help any veteran that needs assistance filing for their disability benefits with the Veterans Affairs, anyone that is homeless, people who have lived in substandard conditions or have been on the verge of homelessness, and help to ensure the retention of their housing and stability of their families.


Since the company started, Leonard has helped over seven veterans sustain a roof over their head not including five other veterans currently staying in one of Job Grace Vet’s housing facility. Leonard makes it a priority to follow up with every veteran that has used any of his services to make sure they have the support from one of their own.  Leonard believes we all need to do more foot work to find veterans who need help, because they served us.